Colma Station

Been awhile since I posted anything. I’ve been meaning to do a bit more styling on the site to make things easier to read and so forth, but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. Anyway, this track mainly started off as a recording experiment with my my melodica & kind of evolved into something that I figured I might as well half-finish.

You wave and I wave back on BART in the morning – m4w

I see you almost every morning when you get on at Colma station.  We only chatted once when we met again on the the train back to Colma.  I wished at that time I had asked for your name.  Sometimes you’re dressed up underneath your orange coat, and other times you’re wearing scrubs.  When you smile and wave at me, it’s a great start to my day before work.  I do wish however that we can start talking to each other soon, I’ll turn off my music if you can turn off yours.  See you on the train!

Hope to see you there

I think that if I was a superhero (and a girl) I’d be “Mojito Girl” but I don’t know exactly what type of powers that would give me.  Actually, if I just had the power to maintain a constant supply of fresh Mojitos without having to crush up lots of mint and ice and all that stuff I guess that would be pretty sweet.

to the girl who only drinks mojitos – m4w

I saw you at sugar cafe… With your blue dress and your red hair you look like a doll! You said that you only go to sugar every friday after work because they have the cheapest flavored mojitos in town. I never got your number and I’d like to take you out dancing. So if you read this i will be at sugar cafe around 6pm next friday wearing a blue shirt hoping you will be there. hope to see you there mojito girl!

Do get in touch

The latest from David in London… A short-and-sweet post gets turned into a mellow and melodic meditation on the subject of meditation. And what a catchy keyboard part!

To the girl going to New Southgate, We talked Zen, Nepal, etc.

To the lovely lady I met at Leicester Square Tube Station. You were going to New Southgate and I to Crouch End.
We talked Zen, Meditation and my trip to Nepal. Do get in touch..

Thanks for Dancing!

The cavalcade of new songs continued with this funk/folk/falsetto crossover from Jon & Trevor! If we ever get around to performing any of these songs live, we’ll have to make the “You’re a machine. A Dance Machine” bit into some kind of 15-minute call-and-response freakout…

Best dancer ever. – m4w (Tuman’s)

While it was a little painful watching you hamster claw your way out of kissing that one guy, the preceding hour of dancing was the high point of my month. You are a machine. A dance machine.

I know you weren’t flipping me off. I was just grinning like an idiot because you turned a good old fashioned middle finger into a fuck you windmill.

You are fascinating. I even like your scarf.

Thanks for dancing.

Guy I met Online

So then Jon & Trevor passed on the “BB in UCH” song they did to their friend David that I had never even met before and then *he* did a song as well! And so that brings us to “Guy I Met Online” which is notable not only for being awesome, and for being from England, but also for being the first song based on a non-craigslist source. It’s from a site called gumtree which is apparently a British version of CL or something that I guess they have to use because of the metric system or whatever. Anyway, I was over hanging out in SF when news of this song reached my phone & it was at that point that I was like, “Damn… I really need to get my shit together, re: making a place to post all these things!”

Am ln love with the guy i met online

i met this guy a while now it’s beenalmost 2yrs but we’ve not met and we both live in lonon….hes my kinda guy but am afraid he might not like me…am beatiful..but i know his kinda girl…i dunno…i wanna stop talking to him..but everyday i dream og meeting him…what shld i do?

i dedicate this to him…

Bolivian Band in UCH

When I sent a link to my first few songs to my friend Jon in Chicago, he commented: “You’ve opened up a terrible floodgate for lyric ideas…” And then a few weeks later I got an email that read, “Did something with trevor, inspired by your forays…” And there was “BB in UCH!” It was incredible!! Around that time I started thinking, “Oh hm… I guess I should make a site to post these things on…”

BOLIVIAN BAND IN UCH – m4m – 40 (Lake View)

Here it goes again!
I have to post this again because aparently some people are ofended by the sight of Spanish words, even when they have no idea of what they mean. That, my friends is racism!

Now let see if these… can understand this.

I meet you last Wednesday at uch. We were both taking the elevator to the cafeteria. We starting talking and we found that you are from Bolivia and I am from Mexico. I felt that there was a lot of chemistry between us but there was people arround so I had to say bye to you.
I realy liked you and I would like to see you again.
Same place, same time.

If you read this, get in touch with me.

Cute Nerd on BART

OK, this is the last one I am ever going to transcribe by hand. I seriously need to figure out a good way to mirror/import these things!

cute nerd on bart – m4w – 28 – (downtown / civic / van ness)

You: Hot girl in black tapered jeans with friends, talking about nerdy stuff like Mario Party.

Me: Sitting with my bike playing solitaire on Treo, being distracted by your awesome conversation.

Let’s get together and play Wii.

I hope your name is Becky because I like that name.


I like the way this came out. It’s the shortest & most fun of the initial 3 songs that I did. Plus I got to go “AAAUGH!!!”

Anyone Know this Girl??!! – m4w

She’s cute, glasses, short, drives a white Jeep Liberty. I’m kicking myself for not saying hi to her in line at Trader Joe’s in Capitola. AAAUGH! She is so cute. She’s got glasses, short, a great figure and a lovely smile along with a great tattoo. Oh my!! I haven’t seen a gal that made my wittle heart pitter-patter like this in a long time. Someone has to know her. Help!!

Cherry Blossom Festival

Another early example of the form. After recording this one I was like “Hm, ok… This might work.” This one is so long that I don’t really feel like transcribing it, but I’ll do it anyway:

Cherry Blossom Festival – m4w

There is no way I was the only guy who had dozens of missed connections at the Cherry Blossom Festival. There were thousands of hot women. Come on People! Well anyway, I’m not going to rant about the many hundreds of hot asian women I saw, and those that stared back. I’m gonna digress. I saw the one. You know who I’m talking about. The one who set your heart on fire, way back when. But you were too stupid or cowardly to tell her how you really felt. Well I’m still stupid and I’m still a coward. We made small talk, ok. You were facing a major life decision & had a couple of weeks to figure it out. To my selfish brain, it seemed kind of small. Perhaps because I know that three years isn’t a long time and if you love this city you’ll come back to it. I wish I knew you were making this decisions without any regard to how I feel. I wish I could be totally neutral, but of course you know how much I want you to stay. All feelings aside, your choice should be a pragmatic one. You need to do what is best for you and if you look at it from a completely careerist viewpoint then you are not the person I thought you were and I can finally forget about you. What a dilemma! I know that you will have a wonderful experience, whichever path you choose to pursue. Best of luck!

As for me I’m getting deeper into networking… routing, switches that kind of crap. I was always pretty good at the technical end of the spectrum. I don’t know whether that has any influence on whether I’m such a lousy human being. Being comfortable around machines I find myself disengaging emotionally from everyone else. Maybe I’ll pursue this line of reasoning until I finally have feelings for no one. Does it hurt less to find a new love or to stomp out the coals of an old one. The maddening thing about this whole situation is that I am interested in someone else but I still can’t stop thinking about you. I’ll muddle through it like I’ve always done. With lack of grace and a sarcastic wit. My hope is tat you will meet someone deserving of your charm and beauty. Your Prince Chaming. If that’s what you are truly after I really do wish you all the joy and happiness in this world.

Come to think of it I’ve got it pretty easy. I’m surrounded by people who seem to enjoy my cooking. I’ve got a lame job. But I’ve always had lame jobs. So I don’t feel like it’s a serious problem. I seem to lack any initiative or vision. Perhaps I’ll work on that, then I’ll know what to do. Turns out I wasn’t missing you after all. I’m just missing a big chunk of my soul.

Owl Tattoo on Your Back

This was one of the first few Missed Connections recordings that I made, along with “Aaugh!” and “Cherry Blossom Festival.” I didn’t archive the original posts for these first few, so I’ll transcribe it as best I can here:

Owl Tattoo on your back – m4w

I was sitting with a friend having coffee Saturday morning. You were reading a book right next to us, I was sitting across from you, my friend sat next to you.

Should have said then what I’ll say now: Your back, tattoo and all… is incredible!

Grapes of Wrath, also one of my faves!