Guy I met Online

So then Jon & Trevor passed on the “BB in UCH” song they did to their friend David that I had never even met before and then *he* did a song as well! And so that brings us to “Guy I Met Online” which is notable not only for being awesome, and for being from England, but also for being the first song based on a non-craigslist source. It’s from a site called gumtree which is apparently a British version of CL or something that I guess they have to use because of the metric system or whatever. Anyway, I was over hanging out in SF when news of this song reached my phone & it was at that point that I was like, “Damn… I really need to get my shit together, re: making a place to post all these things!”

Am ln love with the guy i met online

i met this guy a while now it’s beenalmost 2yrs but we’ve not met and we both live in lonon….hes my kinda guy but am afraid he might not like me…am beatiful..but i know his kinda girl…i dunno…i wanna stop talking to him..but everyday i dream og meeting him…what shld i do?

i dedicate this to him…