Reverb Beach

Uhhhh… I am not sure what to tell you about this one. Just goofing around with looping & filters some more. I like to put vocals down with lots of reverb & just sort of feel things out sometimes. Usually it comes out sounding like a mess, but this one didn’t seem like a total train wreck, so here it is.  My favorite part is the bassline I think. Initially I was thinking of setting this post to a happier tune, but now that I think about it I guess it is kind of weird that he was doing push-ups & sit-ups right next to her on an otherwise deserted beach, so maybe it actually does fit with the general creepiness of the music. Who knows…

Sunbathing early at Baker Beach w/ dog – m4w – 36

You were on the southern end of Baker Beach this morning at 9am sunbathing with your dog. I was running the beach with my dog. I did an extra lap of the beach just to come back to see you…you are very cute…in grey top and black bottoms (white top earlier when it was colder). I was doing push-ups/sit-ups near you with no-one else around