Ping Me Back!

I came up with this little turnaround thingamajig on the guitar when I was loopy as *shit* at like 9 PM on Labor Day after coming back from this awesome camping trip during which I climbed up a mountain in the middle of the night and had been up for like 36 hours or something. (Shout outs to all my Half-Dome homies!) I dunno if this was necessarily the best ad to go with these chords, but apparently everyone *else* in the bay area was high on drugs in the desert this past weekend so the MisCon ads are a bit burned out (so to speak) at the moment. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll go out to “BRC” and ride around on a blinged-out recumbent bicycle playing some of these songs through an amp that I made out of an old muffler. Hopefully not though.

So many missed connections at Burning Man – w4m – 25

1st time burner has just returned from BRC, and realized that next year she must bring with her a pen and lots of paper.

There were so many amazing women and men that I met on the Playa this past week. I really wish I knew where you all disperse to once the man burns.

Seeking fellow burners that are emotionally available to decompress with me. I now know that this amazing breed exists- those that self-select themselves to setup shop in the desert for one week out of the year and devote themselves to genuine self-expression, giving and seeing and/or making beautiful art.

I want to be friends with you in the real world, too. Ping me back.