Filthy Rat

I’ve been beta-testing this new iPhone app that my friend Dan is working on and I used it to create this latest Missed Connection song. It’s late or I would have done a better job with the vocals. Anyway, I like this little app a lot and I think it will make it easier to get more of these songs recorded (although ultimately I’m just going to have to break down & buy some actual recording gear!)

The Redhead Punkgirl, I Helped You Drown That Rat In Your Purse W/Beer – m4w – 35

I’ve never met anyone who enjoyed doing things like that! Man , did that get messy or what? I loved it when you slapped that little kid across his fat mouth and told him to “stop screaming, it’s just a filthy rat!”. God that was priceless! And when you kicked that old man I thought I was going to die laughing! Did you really end up selling his walker or just dumping it? I have never met a woman who can drink so much Jack Daniels and not die of alcohol poisoning! Let’s hook up again baby!