last night an airbag saved my life

Another FourTrack-recorded one; this started off as an experiment in recording the Tibetan singing bowl that my roommate left out in the living room. Since I had another 3 tracks left to work with after that, it developed into an arrangement for whatever instruments were within arm’s reach, in this case a thumb piano and a mysterious balloon bagpipe that I bought from a peddler on the streets of Rome. I accidentally pitch-shifted my vocal down when I was doing the final mix on it, but I thought it sounded better that way so I left it.

tall white afro gurl who misses her shit – m4w – 26 (alamo square / nopa)
Date: 2009-04-12, 4:58PM PDT

dang gurrrrl everytime i see you, you eat shit pretty hard. do you need a seeing eye man? cause i usually see the curbs in front of me, unless i dont, in which case i eat shit too. but i could like totally help you out. actually, maybe it’s because you are so hard in thought. which is pretty darn hot. do you know who you are? cause i dont, but sure want to. divisadero must be your home stomping ground, or at least the only place you can walk and eat shit and look sharp too. you must tape those glasses on your nose, cause i have no idea how they stay on. but your afro adds a least 2 inches, totally de-centering your sense of gravity, i can tell. i can just follow you with a net and catch you, you lurpy crazed eyed pretty brunette lady. ive seen you at bean bag a lot, or at least the times when i notice you eat it hard 2 feet from the front door, and ive certainly noticed when your friends called you ‘kate’ or ‘kat’ or something equally as common, and you kinda get a faraway look in your eyes like you want to think that’s your name, but not quite sure. i’ll call you anything you want if that helps with your mental clarity..

anyone know her story? did she just escape from a mental institution? cuz im into that real big time. let me feed you your meds, and be your airbag. pleeeeeaz..