I’m just standing in a doorway…

Been awhile since I’ve done a song & after reinstalling windows on my computer due to a problem, I realized I could now *also* re-install the 14 day demo of Ableton Live! Recorded a bunch of stuff, but this is the only thing I’ve finished so far. Sort of trying to get a Beast of Burden / Waiting on a Friend sound going, but putting reverb & EQ on multiple tracks made mixing this a pain in the ass. Time to get back to basics, I guess. Or to get a beefier computer. Either way it is time for a bigger kind of kill… =)

Cute tattoo’d girl at Cala Foods around 1am Sunday night – m4w – 31 (Cala Foods / Nob Hill)

I happened to pop into Cala Foods late Sunday night around 1am for some bottled water and laundry detergent. Walked in, and right as I entered, I looked up and saw you, a cute, black haired girl wearing all black, and with some wonderful tattoos down your arm and up your back. I kinda lingered around the store, bought some apples and nectarines hoping I’d build up the courage to talk to you, but it never happened, even after we ended up in the same checkout line together.

Anyway, so I totally lamed out, but I’d love an opportunity to make it up to you. Drink? Dinner? Coffee? whatever, if you’re interested in giving me a 2nd chance, I’ll definitely make it up to you.