You’re Crazy for Taking the Bus!

This is supposed to sound like a bad night for The Replacements where they forgot the lyrics to Kiss Me On The Bus and also the wrong band showed up and the drummer had a serious brain injury right before they went on stage.

Vomit on the bus – m4w (the bus)

The only thing we shared is disgust.

Not a flicker of romance.

But we have shared revulsion and got on the bus at the same time

You got on the bus at haight and pukemore midst a saucy convo with a gf in Alaska

At the bus stop before , I wish you hadn’t walked away on the street when you got to the juicy bits of the story

There will either be a deluge of calls from barf-spotting travellers thinking they are the lucky one or the response will be dry

If you were to respond, i wouldn’t invite you out for a pizza………… but i would offer a beer – because you are the right kind of brazen and i think you are good fun

PS. if there are a lot of responses, i will weed out the men, because there is no mistaking you are a woman


I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump’n iPhones

Getting back to my roots, this is take two, live to tape. While I was browsing for this ad, there was another one that reminded me it’s been almost 2 years exactly since this site was founded. Crazy! More music coming soon, I promise…

Blue Bottle, Acme, and Then Ferry Building Benches – m4w – 27 (Ferry Building)

We coincidentally went to the same three places in the Ferry Building. After talking at the benches, we Bumped iphones to exchange numbers, thinking we would be savvy and cool, but all we exchanged were just names. So lame. I know you live in LA, but I want to have more witty banter with Blagojevich being butt end of your jokes. I can’t find you on FB. It seems like a lot parents like your name, worldwide! If you have my name in your Bumb history, find me on FB. Shouldn’t be too hard with my last name.