You’re Crazy for Taking the Bus!

This is supposed to sound like a bad night for The Replacements where they forgot the lyrics to Kiss Me On The Bus and also the wrong band showed up and the drummer had a serious brain injury right before they went on stage.

Vomit on the bus – m4w (the bus)

The only thing we shared is disgust.

Not a flicker of romance.

But we have shared revulsion and got on the bus at the same time

You got on the bus at haight and pukemore midst a saucy convo with a gf in Alaska

At the bus stop before , I wish you hadn’t walked away on the street when you got to the juicy bits of the story

There will either be a deluge of calls from barf-spotting travellers thinking they are the lucky one or the response will be dry

If you were to respond, i wouldn’t invite you out for a pizza………… but i would offer a beer – because you are the right kind of brazen and i think you are good fun

PS. if there are a lot of responses, i will weed out the men, because there is no mistaking you are a woman