Send me some Songs!

Do it! You’ll like it!! Hopefully I’ve made this clear elsewhere on the site, but I will gladly post pretty much any song you send me that involves a missed connection ad! The only thing I ask is that it’s in MP3 format and that you send me a link to the ad it’s based on. And if you’d like me to link back to your site or to a MySpace/Facebook profile or whatever then let me know. If you’re interested in contributing to the site on an ongoing basis, I will also set you up with a login so that you can make new posts, upload your MP3s and etc. Honestly, I have no idea whether making these songs is something that is amusing only to me and my little group of friends or what, but I am ready to find out! I can tell you from experience there is nothing more exciting that finding a random new song in my Gmail at 2AM on a Tuesday, so come on and make me excited already, dammit!!