Bolivian Band in UCH

When I sent a link to my first few songs to my friend Jon in Chicago, he commented: “You’ve opened up a terrible floodgate for lyric ideas…” And then a few weeks later I got an email that read, “Did something with trevor, inspired by your forays…” And there was “BB in UCH!” It was incredible!! Around that time I started thinking, “Oh hm… I guess I should make a site to post these things on…”

BOLIVIAN BAND IN UCH – m4m – 40 (Lake View)

Here it goes again!
I have to post this again because aparently some people are ofended by the sight of Spanish words, even when they have no idea of what they mean. That, my friends is racism!

Now let see if these… can understand this.

I meet you last Wednesday at uch. We were both taking the elevator to the cafeteria. We starting talking and we found that you are from Bolivia and I am from Mexico. I felt that there was a lot of chemistry between us but there was people arround so I had to say bye to you.
I realy liked you and I would like to see you again.
Same place, same time.

If you read this, get in touch with me.