I like the way this came out. It’s the shortest & most fun of the initial 3 songs that I did. Plus I got to go “AAAUGH!!!”

Anyone Know this Girl??!! – m4w

She’s cute, glasses, short, drives a white Jeep Liberty. I’m kicking myself for not saying hi to her in line at Trader Joe’s in Capitola. AAAUGH! She is so cute. She’s got glasses, short, a great figure and a lovely smile along with a great tattoo. Oh my!! I haven’t seen a gal that made my wittle heart pitter-patter like this in a long time. Someone has to know her. Help!!

Owl Tattoo on Your Back

This was one of the first few Missed Connections recordings that I made, along with “Aaugh!” and “Cherry Blossom Festival.” I didn’t archive the original posts for these first few, so I’ll transcribe it as best I can here:

Owl Tattoo on your back – m4w

I was sitting with a friend having coffee Saturday morning. You were reading a book right next to us, I was sitting across from you, my friend sat next to you.

Should have said then what I’ll say now: Your back, tattoo and all… is incredible!

Grapes of Wrath, also one of my faves!